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Replacing the roof on your home shouldn’t be a complicated, messy or expensive process. As a family-owned and operated business, El Campo Roofing knows the challenges homeowners face when reroofing and strive to provide the highest-quality solutions at an affordable price.

The average building or homeowner only replaces a roof once in their lifetime; it is so important that you  get all the facts you can, and be able to make your decision based on more than just product selection and price. Even a bad contractor or company can purchase good products and offer an appealing price. Look past that and into the people or company you are trusting to install and warranty the product you select for what is often most family’s largest investment. El Campo Roofing can help!

At this time, you are in the most important stage of the selection process. You may be asking, “Who should I choose? Which product and brand do I prefer? What about Energy Star rated or impact resistant products? What about the contractor’s installers – Are they trained, experienced and drug tested? Do they have the communication skills to see my project through to my satisfaction? Does the company have an office that I can visit? Are they located in El Campo? Or just passing through? Can they back their warranties? Have they invested in equipment to perform roofing properly? And do they have the financial ability to ‘stay in business?’ And the List goes on…

At El Campo Roofing, we help you navigate through these questions and more, to arrive at the Best Roof with the Best Materials and Best Workmanship, including the Best Financing to meet you needs.

With Free Estimates and Aerial – Satellite based roof measurements we can provide you with the information you need.

We look forward to earning your business and your many years of satisfaction with your new roof. Visit our About Us page by clicking the button below to learn more about El Campo Roofing.

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Working with Insurance Claims and Insurance Companies

Do you know if your Roof has Storm Damage?

El Campo Roofing can provide you with a Roof Report with the exact Date and Time your roof was impacted by High Wind Speed or Hail Damage. Often severe weather events happen when you might not be home, or asleep. You might not even know that your home was the victim of hail or high winds.

We have the ability to pull up your Exact Address and tell you when in the past 10 years your home was impacted by High Wind or Hail. The report will show the exact SPEED of the High Wind and the exact SIZE of the Hail. With the Exact DATE and Time (over the past 10 years).

EL Campo Roofing is your local, go-to roofing company who brings you information and solutions to help you with your roofing needs.

We offer roofing consultation when it comes to storm damage. With the industry leading Drone and Artificial Technology (A.I.) from Loveland Innovations, we have the ability to fly a drone (like a lawn mower) criss-crossing over your roof taking up to 100 photos of your roof.

These photos are uploaded into the A.I. (computer) platform, which identifies any High Wind Damage or Hail Damage your roof might have. The software prepares a complete Un-Bias roof inspection report that can be used by insurance adjusters to help them process your insurance claim.

With a full Insurance Claim Team, we have the resources to help get your roof returned to it’s original condition, after a weather event that damages your roof. The Insurance Claim Process can be stressful. Typically, many components of your roof are overlooked and left out of your insurance company’s claim – adjustment forms.

Our Insurance Claims Team is highly trained and experienced at processing insurance roof claims and getting the roof settlement amount correctly documented. Working with your insurance adjuster our Insurance Claim Team, strives to serve to remove stress of roof damage and help your roof to be replaced quickly and efficiently by El Campo Roofing.

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100% Financing Available

It’s been said by roofing manufacturers that only 6% of Roofers in America are now offering financing. El Campo Roofing is happy to be one of the roofers in America offering 100% Financing.

El Campo Roofing offers 100% Financing with over 6 lenders on our financing platform. Some lenders underwriting requirements dictate that they will only loan to homeowners with the best of credit ratings. While other lenders in our financing platform will accept and approve homeowners with less than perfect credit. We have the ability to help you with 100% financing with Low Monthly Payments and at an interest rate that is typically, Lower Than Credit Card interest rates.

No equity is required in your home. No collateral required. These personal home improvement loans are applied, processed and approved quickly from the comfort of your home.

El Campo Roofing offers many different Finance Plans. Such as 6 or 12 months SAME as CASH. No Interest Loans and Regular term loans with payment terms to get the monthly payment to fit your household budget.

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New Roof – No Mess

The Equipter
One of the reasons for our success is our use of the Equipter machines and our endorsement of the “NEW ROOF-NO MESS” national program. The Equipter is a self-propelled, hydraulic-ligt debris-collection system. This machine can move around your house, collect debris from your roof before it reaches the ground, while at the same time, leaving no ruts on our landscaping. Our customers are really impressed with this machine. You can view it in some of the pictures of work-in-progress on our website.

The purchase of two Equipters has allowed El Campo Roofing to enjoy secondary benefits as well. When experienced roofers see the Equipters on our jobs, and they observe how effectively they operate, how it makes it easier and quicker to complete a roofing job, they actually approach El Campo Roofing seeking employment. This allows us to pick and choose only the very best roofers as our employees. This certainly enhances our quality control and allows us to offer you only the very best installation in El Campo, Texas.

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