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Do you have a flat roof? It can be hard to find a roofer who can do things right, especially when it comes to Flat Roofs? 

Flat Roofs require extra care and attention in order to produce a high-quality, durable and beautiful roof that will last for many years to come. With over 35 years of experience El Campo Roofing has become the go-to re-roofer in El Campo / Wharton County area. We have found that self-adhering roofing installations overall perform best on flat roofs. 

Just as it sounds, a flat roof is a roof that looks almost level and is unlike other, more traditional roofing structures that are typically sloped. Though these kinds of roofs are less common for homes, they have their benefits. 

Commonly, they are used in arid climates (and are more frequently found on commercial buildings). 

Some great benefits, particularly in El Campo, is that these roof structures do an amazing job at keeping out the heat and are easy to build. These roofs are self-adhering which means no nail penetrations.

The CertainTeed Flintlastic roof system has a Granulated SA (self-adhering) Cap Sheet. The granulated surface requires no additional coating over the years to maintain your roof surface. 

Want to save 50% on your flat commercial roof versus the cost of a Brand New Roof?

Replacing a commercial flat roof can cost tremendous amounts of money and disrupt your business operations while the existing old roof is torn off and a new roof installed. Roof Debris adds to landfills and creates environmental concerns.

Roof Coating is a viable option. It seals the roof in one seamless elastomeric (Rubber-Like) membrane coating that protects your roof by providing one seamless surface.

El Campo Roofing uses GAF Unisil Silicone Roof Coating. Silicone Roof Coating Systems comprise one of the hardest materials known to man. (Quartz). Silicone is used for Space Vehicles to seal the craft from various outer space environments. It’s very indestructible. Silicone is ponding water proof. It does not break down with ponding water, like latex coatings.

El Campo Roofing performs reflective bright white, commercial roof coating which can lower roof temperatures and save up to 35% off your monthly energy bill.

Warranties of 10-15 years can be obtained based on the application process and the number of layers of coating that is applied to your roof. The coated roof can be RE-COATED after the 10-15 year period to extend the roof’s life for another 10-15 years.

At about 50% less COST than a NEW ROOF!

AND under IRS Section 179 Rules, 100% of the Cost of Roof Coating, Roof Repair or Roof Replacement Costs, can be 100% deducted from your Taxes in the same year the work was performed.

El Campo Roofing can help you with your Commercial Flat Roof needs.

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