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Architectural shingles are our most requested roof system. El Campo Roofing specializes in many quality roof systems, but hands down Architectural shingle installations takes the lead.

So if you are planning on re-roofing your home, you can look no further than architectural shingle roofs by El Campo Roofing. It is after all, our specialty.

The 3-Tab shingle installations have become outdated because they do not support sufficient wind loads. And for Texas, you need a shingle that can support Texas strong wind loads.

Architectural shingle roofs typically have a 130 MPH  wind load with the 3-tab shingles falling behind at only 70 MPH. That’s the difference between a tropical storm and a CAT 4 Hurricane.

If strength is what you’re looking for, then architectural shingle roofs beat 3-tabs by categories.

We have installed many roof shingle manufacturers products. We have found that GAF Timberline HDZ with it’s NO MAX WIND SPEED Warranty to be the Best. That’s right, with Layer Lock Techology it’s the industry’s first Architectural Shingle that actually is warrantied to not blow off, under ANY WIND.

In addition we install special Hip Cap and Ridge Cap shingles that are made specific for these roof locations. Don’t trust your Roof to other roofers who might use less expensive 3-Tab Shingles to cover your Ridge and Hip areas of your roof. The 3-Tab Shingles are not made to bend over these areas, and will be subject to failure prematurely.

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