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Are you in the market for a new roof? IF you’re considering purchasing a new roof, El Campo Roofing can help you find the most viable options for your home. And one of the most viable roofing options out there is metal. 

Metal roofing is made from tile or metal pieces that are composed of impermeable and long-lasting materials. They are commonly composed of zinc, copper and steel alloys. 

Traditionally, metal roofs can last a long time. How long is a long time for a metal roof? Depending on the situation, they can last up to a number of decades – some roofs lasting up to 100 years! (Look at area farm buildings. Some metal roofs have been around for many years). 

Here are just a few reasons metal roofs could be right for you. They are:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Energy Efficient
  • Durable
  • Have Curb Appeal

Metal is an important alternative to shingle roofs for both residential applications as well as commercial applications. Metal roofs cost more than a fiberglass shingle roof, but they will certainly outlast a shingle roof by a significant number of years (possibly decades). In some cases, your metal roof will outlast traditional fiberglass shingle roofs by up to three or four times longer. 

Metal roofing is cost-effective. It’s that simple. Since the roofing is low in maintenance, you will save money for not having to constantly repair the roof. Since it’s long-lasting, you have many years of reliable roofing that you can rest assured will protect you from the blistering summer heat, and the summer rains. 

In addition to being long-lasting, these roofs are basically maintenance-free. Their need for upkeep is negligible at best, at work, inexpensive. 

Energy Efficient
Since metal roofs reflect the sun, they, therefore, can bring serious savings to your energy expenses, decreasing the cost you normally would spend on cooling your house down. 

Metal roofs are extraordinarily robust and can outlive the house it’s keeping cool and dry. Since it is lightweight, it can be used on older houses without the concern for injuring the structure. Some traditional roofing may weigh too much and could seriously harm the substructure for the home. Not roofs made of metal. 

Curb Appeal 
We’ve all seen it. We are driving to a home that has a distinguished appealing look of a metal roof. It sets the house apart from the traditional fiberglass shingle roof. Whether the metal roof is a silver appearing, GALVALUME or a Color Metal Roof, most all metal roofs enhance the beauty of the home and add to the home’s curb appeal. El Campo Roofing has the experience with installing metal roofs with several different metal panel profiles.

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